Landscapes : Still Yet Stirring

“Of all the paths you take in life,
make sure a few of them are dirt”
– John Muir

Have you sat still in some place and listened to the silence ?
Does your stillness stir you ?

Here are some random landscapes from the places I have been fortunate to reach so far. Hope these remind you of some places you have been to.


My search is through time and space,
To moments they don’t belong;
Each search has threads
To new ways, like a never ending song.

Thoughts wander to clouds I see,
Drifting off from fields of view;
I have landscapes within me,
That I’m sending out to you.

– Peter S. Quinn

Jo Written by:


  1. Anjna Anand

    Sublime !
    .Couldn’t take my eyes off..Queesntown, NZ…

    • 20/12/2020

      Thank you @Anjna ! Glad some places resonate with you / stir you 🙂

  2. Mankawaljeet

    Each picture captured is a canvas out of the fourth dimension (The One after L, B & W – i.e. T as revealed by Einstein ‘long ago..!’) …. If not viewed ‘as such’, it is difficult to comprehend the surreal beauty, that the author saw, before he took the final call to ‘take away these and store them in the attic of his heart….
    Thanks ‘Jo’ … You are being ‘Good’ as you ‘Break Free’ and decide to reveal each one back to the world, in a way that, one can stop and admire, feel and absorb, awe and wonder….

    This surely has stirred the ‘Fourth’ in me… “I Remember. Vividly….. That Moment of Awe…..

    Keep It Going, …. ?️ ingJo…

    • 21/12/2020

      Dear Mankawaljeet,
      Wow ! Thank you for such a striking review and generous praise.
      I am glad that it resonated well with you.
      Happy landings !!

  3. Rohit Gupta

    I like the Rann of Kutch… Ebbing into infinity. Catches the pulse of the area.
    Very vivid memories of Hanle… My Yashika refused to click inside in 1988… The Monk told me not to do so… Then stood aside with a small smile when I insisted. It clicked outside.

    • 22/12/2020

      Sir, Am glad that you were stirred too !!
      Thank you for taking out time.

  4. Nats

    Rainbows everywhere you go .. apt sir.

    • 29/12/2020

      Thanks Nats !

  5. Avinash Kour

    Lucky you! Have a few on my bucket list too, hopefully soon. Keep sharing.

    • 05/01/2021

      Thank you Avinash ! Keep your dreams alive.

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