The Mesmerising Mara

Only when the last of the animal horns, tusks, skin and bones have been sold, will mankind realize that money can never buy back our wildlife” – Paul Oxton

The Masai Mara is considered the Mecca of Wildlife enthusiasts for two good reasons : almost guaranteed meeting with plenty of game and the great migrations.

Chances are that you will land up at Nairobi and then drive to the Mara. We did the same with a diversion to Lake Nakuru and it was well worth it.

Within three hours we had see a leopard, a rhino family, a lioness with cubs and Rothschild’s giraffes (found in limited areas in Kenya and Uganda). The bar had been set and we were excited about next four days in the Mara.

Moving ahead to the main attraction i.e., the Mara. Well, here are some of the selected few snapshots.

Sitting pretty – one of the four lionesses who were lazily soaking up the warmth from the Sun and the rocks. There was a male lion with a kill about 300 meters away.
What a Pride !!
And a glimpse of the habitat.
This mama elephant and the calf were part of a herd. While looking at us she produced deep rumbling sounds which was resonated by all herd members. These sounds were unique, unlike ever seen / heard on any of the wildlife TV channels / documentary.
A super mom, this lioness was raising three little cubs. Here, she is returning back to them after stalking some wildebeest
… and boy, were those cubs enthralled to see her ?
Meeting these cute bundles of pure joy was the highlight of our entire trip. We never realised how we had spent about 4 hours at one spot with them.
We found this lioness (alone) near a a wildebeest kill at 7.30 AM. About 10 The Zebra had lined up and were clearly agitated, but did nothing. We moved on. Guess what, the lioness was still keeping guard when we returned at 5.00 PM.
Cheetahs were a pleasure to meet – the most elegant of all three big cats found in Savannahs.
We may naturally abhor them, but they are as important a part of the ecosystem as any other. Normally hyenas are found in groups, sometimes they spread out. Found this one scouting the area on its own.

No jungle story can be complete without the King. I am sure, like me, you too must have this doubt – Why is the lion considered the King ? Well, you will know – when you see one. Locals also refer to them as ‘Kala Singha’.

If you have enjoyed this short glimpse into the magical land of Masai people, imagine the thrill of visiting it first hand. Keep your dreams alive !!

Happy landings !!

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  1. Mankanwaljeet
    19/12/2020 is an amazing concept by a dear friend of the same name, same fame and the same game… A “Jo” who spends a large part of his day “Birding” and so is able to bring together that information of birds and animals that otherwise may have got missed out in well organised chronicles…

    We shall await the population of this website with rich information and the Real Feel of Getting Close to Fantasies of The Masai Mara and Places Otherwise out of reach for Many…. ….Kudos Jo the Birder or shall we Say …..

    • 19/12/2020

      Dear Dragonfly,
      Thank you for the encouragement ! Motivated further. Someday, will write a piece on your birds too (fixed wings and PHGs).
      happy landings.

  2. Jayant Rajguru

    Sums up the truth of life, earning meal is a struggle for all, hope we appreciate this and take care of their habitat and ecosystem, lest it is too late.
    Besides, parental love and caring remains a common denominator for all species.
    Hope, we all respect that.
    The pictures along with the stories of a personal experience make you feel as 8f you were THERE
    Thank you for sharing

    • 29/12/2020

      Dear Jayant, Thanks for spending some time with me !!

  3. Nats

    Scars always give out the true story.

    • 29/12/2020

      Nats – you are no less a Lion ! Stay Blessed.

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