Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

“I encourage everybody to hop onto Google and type in ‘national park’ in whatever state they live in and see the beauty that lies in their own backyard. It’s that simple.” Jordan Fisher

QENP was the first national park to kick start my explorations in Uganda. The Southern part of the Park includes Ishasha area, famous for the tree climbing lions. Unfortunately, I was not able to spot any, but then, wildlife trips are never goal oriented, at least not for me – you just enjoy the journey. However, on our second trip to the Park in Feb 2021, we not only saw a lioness with two cubs, but three different male lions. Its wild !!

Compiled below are some pictures from the area. Hope you enjoy the trip too !!
PS – Like always, click on the image, if you wish to see the full size picture.

Ugandan Kobes (large antelops) found in good numbers.
Do you see the heads and ears of the ones sitting in the grass ?
The sturdy survivor – A Warthog. They are confident and dogged, given that they roam the grounds where danger lurks all around – day and night.
Another confident fellow – A Baboon.
Lucky to have spotted the Queen of the Jungle, the stealthiest of them all – A female Leopard.
…… even more lucky to have her at the coffee table !! Personally, I don’t think it can get any better with leopards.
Like all celebrities short on time….. our queen soon melted back into her environs.
Buffaloes – one of the most alert and aggressive herbivores on the land. They guard their clan well.
A curious case of Benjamin – the Vervet Monkey. Known for their turquoise-blue scrotum and gutsy snatching of food from foreign humans (anyone other than the African people) in some lunch spots.
The Painted Warrior : A Topi Antelope. One of the most robust and solid looking antelopes in East Africa.
A glimpse of the diverse landscape within the Park. Hope you do not miss the Elephant.
An afternoon drink for everyone.
While mostly shy, some of these giants simply do not care about humans or their toys.
How would you feel sitting in that car ??
Damn ! Where is the traffic Police? Somebody, tell this guy that there is a National Park
and it is on the West of this Highway !
Let me take you to the Kazinga Channel : A 48 km long (about 100 to 500 m wide) water channel which connects Lake Albert and Lake Edward within the QENP. This is a view from the lodge I stayed in.
A boat ride on this channel is amazing.….
…..you are greeted by hundreds of curious eyes, huffs and puffs
A Hippo Trail – Did you know that the hippos walk underwater, point to point. They just align themselves, go down to the floor and walk for a few minutes, come up to breathe and align again….. and so on.
Sometimes you come face to face with the alpha – who is instinctively sizing up the boat !!
Believe it or not, the locals say that fishermen bear the brunt of their angst – hippos, who see the small boat as a trespasser, easily overturn it and cause severe / fatal injuries to the occupants.
Folklore says that the hippos kill more number of humans than any other animal in Africa.
Found this gentle giant breaking and consuming mud (GEOPHAGIA) on the banks of Kazinga Channel – it is seeking certain minerals / salts found in this soil. Geophagia is common among many animals including humans.
Hippos indulging in Geophagia.
A group of Water Bucks – for Minerals and Water.
Can you see its face – partially visible. The Nile Monitor Lizard moved too fast for a clear shot. A treat to see such a large lizard glide down the tree into the thicket below.
Second time lucky – got a better shot, another spot.
Sankara, the acclaimed largest male lion in Uganda. Enjoying the light drizzle. Shot at approximately 80-90 m from the track
Two male brothers emerged out of this bush and surprised us. They were quite playful and strolled together in the light rain. We could spend about 30 minutes with them.
Lesser Flamingoes in a crater lake on the fringes of QENP. The Guide said that these birds move between Lake Nakuru in Kenya and these crater lakes in Uganda.
An African Fish Eagle

A few glimpses of the journey itself…

Tree size Cacti …
My perch above the Kazinga Channel
Hippo Prints Outside my Room
Now, I have a reference !!
Another of my stops in Ishasha Sector
Interesting to see the cargo flow between the countries in East Africa. This big Truck, is heading to Congo, coming from Mombasa Port (Kenya). A long and tough journey, on a mix of super highways and some dirt tracks like seen here.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy journeys !!

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  1. Rema

    I Love the documentation of this trip! It’s like we are right there with you. Thank you for sharing. A pic of you in the park too will be super ?

    • 09/01/2021

      The Trip would not have materialized without your help. Glad you liked the post.
      Stay blessed.

  2. Rohit

    Nice work, sir! Thanks for allowing us a peek into QNEP!

    • 09/01/2021

      Hey Rohit, You are the beacon.

  3. Rabin Das

    Jo, Cool snaps! Thanks for sharing.

    • 09/01/2021

      Thank you Rabin. Looking forward to the next trip together !

  4. Axe

    Dan Sir
    Awesome as always

    • 22/01/2021

      Thank you Axe. Just having some fun !! 🙂

  5. Vinit Bajpai

    Excellent Photographs Sir especially the Female Leopard and the Elephants. Wishing you good luck for the tree climbing lions of Ishasha in your next trips.

    • 11/02/2021

      Thank you Vinit, for all the tips and mentoring all the way. Best regards.

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