Birds of East Africa #1

In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence.
― Robert Lynd

East Africa, comprising of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi is home to approximately 1388 bird species, some unique, edging towards bizarre and endemic to the region. Since this region is home for me now – I am starting a series of posts to keep a good record.

There are 27 pictures below. You may find, leaves and foliage covering the bird in some pictures. Well, I like to keep and present, as I find them in their natural habitat, without much editing. Hope you enjoy that too. (To see a larger picture , click on the images below. Best viewed in a PC / Tablet).

Southern Red Bishop on the invasive Lantana. QENP, Uganda.
Red-billed Firefinch. QENP, Uganda.
A male Black Headed Weaver (aka Village Weaver), Itanda Falls, Jinja, Uganda. Male builds the nest, females inspect and accepts.
If rejected, the males discards the nest and starts all over again.
White-Throated Bee-Eater. QENP, Uganda. These birds build their nests in the soil like the Pied Kingfisher .
Pied Kingfisher. Kazinga Channel, QENP, Uganda.
Hadada Ibis. Noisy and not shy, live amongst human habitat. Entebbe, Uganda.
Yellow Billed Duck. Mbamba Swamps, Lake Victoria, Uganda
A Common Squacco Heron. Mbamba Swamps, Lake Victoria, Uganda
Grey / Golden-Crowned Crane – The National Bird of Uganda. QENP, Uganda.
A pair of Common Ostrich. Ngoro Ngoro Crater, Tanzania
Kori Bustard. The heaviest bird of Africa which can fly – adult males weigh upto 18 to 20 Kgs. Tarangire, Tanzania
Papyrus Gonolek. Habitat restricted to restricted to papyrus swamps. Mabamba Swamps, Near Entebbe, Uganda.
Black Headed Gonolek. The other species of Gonolek can be found in bush, woodland, thickets, culltivated areas.Both species are quite shy and hardly give an opportunity for a clear picture. QENP, Uganda.
Yellow Throated Sandgrouse. Ngoro Ngoro Crater, Tanzania
Angola Swallow. QENP, Uganda.
Red -Throated Spurfowl. Generally found perched on a mound, specially in the morning. QENP, Uganda.
Pin-Tailed Whydah. A Male in Breeding Plumage. Exquisite aerial dance to attract females (dull brown, no tail).
Kazinga Channel, QENP, Uganda.
Verreaux’s Eagle Owl. Kihihi Area, QENP, Uganda.
Feel absolutely lucky to have found this wise one. Please note that Owls are sometimes found in broad daylight.
African Goshawk. Masai Mara, Kenya.
Bateleur : A Very Unique Eagle with a Short Tail and Fabulous Flight Patterns. Kihihi Area, QENP, Uganda.
Short-Toed Snake Eagle. Kihihi Area, QENP, Uganda.
Long Crested Eagle. QENP, Uganda.
Palm Nut Vulture. Quite Similar to African Fish Eagle (below)
Kihihi Area, QENP, Uganda.
African Fish Eagle : A Magnificent Raptor to observe either on a perch …
… or in flight ! Mbamba Swamps, Lake Victoria, Uganda
African Jacana : Their long feet give them special abilities ! Mbamba Swamps, Lake Victoria, Uganda
Leaf Walkers : Jacans on Water Lily Leaves . Mbamba Swamps, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Let me leave you with an excerpt from a poem by Debbie, which goes well with the compilation above.

Ah and then there are the birds,
breeds you have never heard.
Colors that take your breath away,
as they sit in the trees and watch you all day.

Yes, you are amazed once more by our Lord,
an undiscovered forest holding secrets galore.
I won’t say a word or tell a soul,
this is our secret of pure beauty to behold. ”

Debbie wagoner

Happy Birding !!

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  1. Mohammad Yasir Hussain

    Some cracking frames here Paaji

    • 04/01/2021

      Thank you for the encouragement Yasir !

  2. Angadbir Singh

    Very engaging shots Sir!

    • 12/01/2021

      Thank you Angadbir.

  3. Arshley Brian

    Thanks for the write up,it’s really nice but some thing small to change about the firefinch,the bird is a a male Red-billed Firefinch( Lagonosticta senegala) and it’s not endemic,Uganda only has one true endemic bird and that’s the Fox’s Weaver secondly the Weaver you posted on the nest is a male Village Weaver(Ploceus cucullatus)
    Other wise thanks for the good photos and the write up.

    • 30/03/2021

      Dear Arshley, Happy to hear from you and receive your comments. Amends made – thank you for excellent spotting. Hope you will re-visit !!

  4. Mukisa Emmanuel

    Okay,these are the best shots I’ve ever seen,I’m so amazed.

    • 19/06/2021

      Dear Emmanuel – you are very generous in your praise. Am glad that you liked the pictures. Just trying to retain and share some lovely memories from your home.

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