There is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but you will find a better connection. – Anon

Lions need no introduction. We all admire them, atleast most of us do. Observing them in their natural habitat can transcend into timelessness. You snap back into reality only when, either your camera battery or memory card runs out.

Compiled below are some shots which capture different times, moods and actions of these magnificent big cats.

What is more impressive – the stare or the Hair ?
I got more flies than you !
The mom who survived !
In synch !
Caught in the act !
Oh ! It is better to leave this guy alone !
Danger lurks behind every blade of grass in the Savanna !
As if she heard my whisper – ‘Please Turn’ !
The morning chill – frozen breath !
Alert at 7.00 AM !
Casual at 7.00 AM !
What goes there … !
‘I want that’ look.
360 Degrees Surveillance
Whose that ?
The two lionesses looking in the direction of a male lion who was trying to locate them.
… here comes the robber of the meal !
Hunger Games !
The male claimed the kill and pushed out two sisters, who went on to groom each other.
He wanted to go too, but the safari agent was not sure, if he could pilot the balloon alone !
A mom overseeing the cubs play in the sand bed down below.
I definitely do NOT want to be on the other side of that stare !!
In action – poised !
The early morning train !
Mom, aunts and cousins !!
The future !
The Rebellion
The Crime partners
A force to reckon with
Skin in the Game

Let me finish with brief yet befitting poem on these wonder beasts penned by William Morris:

The Beasts that be
In wood and waste,
Now sit and see,
Nor ride nor haste.

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